Winter Works 2017/18 – Update

All winter works approved for being undertaken during the off season 2017/18, have been completed in addition to other general improvements which have been made such as:

Club Marbella:
– Full renovation of both saunas at Club Marbella;
– The installation of additional water boilers to increase the existing supply of hot water to the showers in the changing rooms located in the indoor leisure area
– A full renovation of the American pool area

Club Marbella – American Pool Room – Full reform work: ceiling, flooring and walls


Fully renovated American Pool Room
Fully renovated “his and hers” saunas at Club Marbella
Exterior construction of suitable housing for four additional water boilers to service the showers located in the changing rooms of the Spa area


Club La Riviera

The entrance gate to Club La Riviera was replaced with a new one
Final touches have been given to complete the restoration and painting of the building exteriors


Clubs Calahonda and Delta Mar

Common areas were given a facelift with some painting having been undertaken, trees having been trimmed and pruned accordingly.

Club Calahonda
Club Delta Mar