Winter Holidays

Sunny winter holidays in Spain

Looking to escape the cold this winter?  The Winter months are ideal for skiing trips and cold destinations full of snow. We conjure up images of a warm and cozy fireplaces but, what if you don’t like the cold? What if you hate skiing? For everyone who is tired of the low temperatures and this kind of destinations for their Winter Holidays, we suggest the perfect alternative: Crown Resorts.

We are located on the Costa del Sol, a privileged place on the Malaga coast with mild temperatures in Winter and sunshine all year round. This makes it the favourite destination for those looking to escape the cold. There are also plenty of activities for the whole family at our resorts. A family friendly destination with options for everyone. It is also not far from beautiful cities such as Malaga, and there is plenty of local food to discover and quaint villages to explore in the area. Book your resort family stay today at a season favourite.

Come and explore the area, visit Crown Resorts this Winter.