Ready for the Holy Week vacations?

Just like us, we are sure that you are already thinking about your Holy Week vacations. Here at Crown Resorts, we have everything ready for you to enjoy a wonderful vacation with us. That’s why we recommend you spend your vacation at one of our 4 resorts.

  • Calahonda Club
  • Delta Mar Club
  • La Riviera Club
  • Marbella Club & Regency Palms Club

Have you already decided? Of course, your first choice is to relax at one of our marvelous resorts, which are all located near the beach, but if you are passionate about Holy Week, you’re also in luck. Only about 40 kilometers away is one of the most important celebrations in the world, the Holy Week in Malaga.

La Alameda is the center of this Holy Week celebration, and therefore, you will find a procession there at whatever time of the day. Now it is up to you, you have relaxation and the passion for Malaga at your fingertips.

We hope to see you soon!