Events to look out for on the Coast

October – The last Ferias of the calendar year

The Feria of Fuengirola

This feria, also called “Feria del Rosario” is one of the most important in Andalusia, centred around the horses,  fairgoers dressed up in their finest traditional costumes and filled the streets with carriages and a festive atmosphere. The party continued throughout the day and night with dancing at the fairgrounds.
The Feria ran from 6th October to 12th of October, which is also a Spanish National Bank Holiday called “Columbus Day” or ‘día del Pilar’.

The Feria of San Pedro de Alcantara

The Feria of San Pedro Alcantara took place in October 2019 and is a fun and vibrant feria.


November 1st – Chestnut Roast Feast in Marbella

On 1st November, the residents of Marbella keep the ancient tradition of the great Chestnut Roast alive by spending the day in the countryside roasting and eating chestnuts with friends and family.

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