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services available based on preventing propagation of Covid-19

Stays booked from 1st to 15th July 2020


Online check-in and other services

  • To avoid physically handling documents as much as possible, we have implemented online check-in for bookings made through our website A few days before your arrival you will receive an email inviting you to check in online. All you will have to do is provide your details and the details of those staying with you.
  • When you arrive at the hotel we recommend you have a face covering in case the security distance cannot be maintained and disinfect your hands using the hand sanitizer dispenser installed on the wall by the entrance. You will have to identify yourself on arrival at the front desk by showing the DNI or Passport for every member of your party and our team will provide the key card for your apartment. In the event that other guests are in the reception area you will need to pay attention to the distancing signs and markings on the floor.
  • When you confirm your reservation we will send you the information regarding measures that have been taken, as well as how things will take place during your stay. If you have any further questions before arriving at the resort, you can contact us by phone on +34 952 933674 and we will clarify any issue.
  • There will be a 24/7 reception service where you will be able to purchase WiFi access or the use of the safe if you wish, as well as report any maintenance incident so that our maintenance team can attend to it following all the hygiene and security measures.
  • Night security service. We will have a security service at night 7/7.


  • We will provide hand sanitizer at the entrance to our facilities and in the common areas. Workstations and tools will be disinfected after every work day. Following official recommendations all objects and surfaces prone to being touched or contaminated by different people in through areas, such as lift or machine buttons, handrails, door handles, etc. will be cleaned and disinfected.
  • Containers with disinfectant in which to leave used apartment key cards on check-out day will be placed in reception.
  • The payment terminal will be disinfected after every use.


  • We will control that safety distance is maintained or personal protective equipment (PPE) is used among employees.
  • Protection screens will be installed.
  • To avoid contact, we recommend guests use their room telephones to resolve any issue during their stay by dialling 9 to connect with reception (open 24h a day).
  • Lifts will have a maximum occupancy limited to the same family unit and its use will be conditioned to prior disinfection of hands.
  • For all these protocols our industrial hygiene and health and safety at work service PREVESALUD have instructed us on guidelines and recommendations that should be followed to correctly fulfil the hygienic and sanitary measures for prevention of COVID-19 approved by the Spanish Government.


In the 35 years of history of our resorts, our priority has always been, and will continue to be, to maintain the health and safety of our guests and employees. Now more than ever, we will be maintaining our high standards for quality which define the essence of our brand. Therefore, as well as following official recommendations and the World Health Organisation, we have implemented a strict hygiene and safety protocol to guarantee you can continue to enjoy a well deserved rest without worrying about safety.

The main principles behind this protocol to guarantee client and employee safety are: social distancing, disinfection, reducing contact of shared elements, monitoring of employee health, informing employees, guests and suppliers, as well as training employees. In addition, there will be a protocol in case of infection advised by a qualified medical team, as well as medical assistance at the resort itself.



  • A full disinfection of the apartment will be carried out, following the documented procedure.
  • Special attention will be paid to equipment used or touched frequently (telephone, remote, taps, etc.).
  • Hangers will be cleaned between guest visits.
  • All elements used to disinfect a room will be disposed of safely.
  • The utensils used by the cleaning team will also be cleaned and disinfected.
  • Changing linen: Our housekeeping team will provide you with a bag of clean linen mid week so that you can change it and leave dirty sheets and towels in a appropriately closed bag for collection.


  • Housekeeping staff will have appropriate PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). An internal protocol has been established to avoid cross contamination from linen in rooms.
  • In the event of the duration of the stay being over a week, cleaning and disinfection of the apartments will take place without the clients being there and via prior coordination with our staff at Reception.
  • Checklists will be followed to verify cleaning in common areas.

Prevention in event of possible cases

  • We will name a person in charge of guaranteeing that all safety, hygiene and health measures are being followed.
  • Creation of a "disinfection team" who will specialize in cleaning apartments occupied by confirmed or suspect cases of coronavirus.
  • In the event of possible contagions, we will implement the protocol in collaboration with our advising hospital and patients will be moved to the pertinent hospital.


Cleaning and disinfection

  • Safety distance will be respected, cleaning and disinfection tasks will be increased in the pool areas and appropriate disinfectant products will be used to treat the water taking into account current circumstances.
  • Personal protective measure will also be observed with the use of gloves and face masks by our staff.

Outdoor pool and use of sun beds

  • You can still use the outdoor pools from 11.00hrs till 19.00hrs (adult and kids pools), but its use will be subject to prior reservation, in order to comply with maximum occupancy limits, and maintaining safety distance.
  • Sun beds and umbrellas will be separated and guests must use the towel provided by the lifeguards.
  • Sun beds will be disinfected before and after each use.
  • A member of staff will have to accompany you to indicate which one you can use.

How will the use of common areas work?

You can still use the common areas, always keeping to the safety measures, such as maintaining safety distance and/or wearing a face mask.

Will I be able to use the pools?

You can still use the outdoor pools (adult and kids pools), but its use will be subject to prior reservation, in order to comply with maximum occupancy limits, and maintaining safety distance.

Will I be able to use the spa, sauna and fitness areas?

For health and hygiene reasons, access to the spa, saunas, indoor heated pool and fitness areas will not be allowed.

Will the Café Marbella restaurant be open?

Initially Café Marbella will be closed. However, we would like to remind you that all our apartments have a fully equipped kitchen that will allow you to cook and prepare your favourite meals and snacks.

Will there be an entertainment programme for the kids?

Given the exceptional circumstances and for hygiene and health reasons Crown Resorts has decided not to offer entertainment services at this time

Will there be free minibus service?

Initially only our Club Marbella resort will open, therefore our free minibus service implemented in connection with the other resorts will not be operating.

Will the hairdresser and beauty salon be open?

The hair dresser and beauty salon are managed by an external company unrelated to Crown Resorts and should be open with appointments. Therefore, we recommend you ask our staff at Reception how to make use of this service once you are staying at Club Marbella or contact them directly by telephone +34 661 163751 or email: (Ask for Alison).

Will there be contact prevention measures?

Yes, we have implemented measures such as online check-in, signage and safety distance markings in common areas, and the telephone in the room must be used for any questions you need to pose to reception during your stay.

Also, our staff will receive continued training in this matter and the health and safety manager will be tasked with making sure the safety distance is followed to guarantee maximum safety during your stay.

*Due to the evolution of COVID-19 and the possible modification by the pertinent authorities of the prevention measures that have been implemented up to this point, this information may be modified and affect your reservation.

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