Operations Update

For interest, the below photographs offer an overview of some of the improvement works which have been made since the last Club Talk publication last May

New designed logotype for minigolf at Club Marbella

Newly decorated panel next to children’s pool at Club Marbella

Newly painted squash court at Club Marbella

Purchase of 120 sunbeds at Club Calahonda

New centralised stores area


Progress of Winter Improvement Works 2018 /19

The link below offers you the opportunity to see an update of progress made with regards to improvement works in the off season 2018/19.

General Update Improvement Works low season 2018/19

For additional interest, the below photographs offer an overview of some of the improvement works which have been made this past off season.

– Marbellita : kids’ play area at Club Marbella has been subject to a recent facelift

Improvement works in progress

Facelift completed

Completion of the painting and rehabilitation of exteriors project

Rehabilitation works in progress


Painting works completed



Repair and re-surfacing of the road adjacent to the Club

Road before being repaired


Road works completed

CLUB CALAHONDA – Painting of Common Elements

Painting of stairways




Painting of entrances to the communal areas


Painting work in progress

Newly painted flooring and walls

Pool upgrade works


Pool upgrade works completed, which entailed re-grouting and new stone edging


Pool re-grouting

Pool being re-grouted at Club Delta Mar


Pool being re-grouted at Club La Riviera


Multi sports area

A new re-enforced metallic parameter fence has been implemented for the multi-sport court.


Industry Recognition

From left to right: Cristobal García, José Antonio Campano, Ovidio Zapico (Regional Director, Business Development RCI Europe), Paco Jurado, Francisco Galán, Carlos Campano, Carlos Moreno (Affiliate Manager, RCI Exchanges).

RCI Silver Crown Award 2019

We are proud to announce that we have again been awarded the coveted RCI Silver Crown categorisation for 2019.  The receipt of this award is of pride for all associated with the Club as it is based on the standards of quality and customer service which is offered to exchange guests who have selected to stay at the Club.

Please see the photograph of this prestigious award being presented by RCI representatives to the Heads of Departments.




Interval International Select Tier Recognition Award

From left to right: Cristobal Garcia, Jose Antonio Campano, Isabel Van Mol (Manager Resort Sales & Services, Interval international Spain), Paco Jurado, Carlos Campano.

We are proud and delighted to announce that Regency Palms at Club Marbella has again been awarded the coveted Select Tier Recognition award granted by Interval International for 2019.



Congratulations to the Crown Resorts’ team!  Well done to All!




Winter Works 2018/19

Painting Project 2018/19 at Club Marbella
The restoration and the painting of all exteriors is in progress with an anticipated completion date of Easter 2019.

The Painting Team


Restoration and painting of all exteriors at Club Marbella

Painting in progress


General painting
The Club maintenance team have undertaken the repair and painting of common elements such as the exterior facade of the gift shop at Club Marbella, banisters in passageways, doors, etc.

Bannisters recently painted


Repair of cracks

The exterior of the gift shop at Club Marbella has been painted in white

General works other Clubs:

Club Calahonda

• Rewiring of CCTV cameras
• Installation of shutters to securely lock the bar and kitchen within L.A. Cocina allowing there to be a “Common Facility”.

Secured shutters installed in L.A. Cocina

Secured shutters installed in L.A. Cocina

Club Delta Mar
• Replacement of the perimeter fence of the Multi-Sports Court
• Replacement of the emergency exterior intercom connected with Club Marbella reception for use when Club Delta Mar reception is closed.

Club La Riviera
• Replacement of the emergency exterior intercom connected with Club Marbella reception for use when Club Delta Mar reception is closed.


What do our Maintenance Staff do on rainy days ?

Rainy days might keep our staff from working in the exterior gardens, however this does not affect their productivity.
Staff are focused during such times on interior tasks and ongoing improvements that need to be made. A number of ongoing protocols are followed and initiatives undertaken at such times include :

– Revision of sunbeds and their condition including if necessary the replacement of their covers.
– The undertaking of deep revision of apartments “fondos”.
– Indoor painting work, be it touching-up or full apartment painting.


Revision of sunbeds

Replacement of cover






Sapphire Collection – What they are saying about the Sapphire Collection

Sapphire Apartment – Lounge area

For interest, a selection of comments received from occupants of apartments pertaining to the recently launched Sapphire Collection have been included below.

The Sapphire Collection presentation

What do you like most about the apartment?
– Space, flooring, fire.
– Large and modern.
– The open plan layout and tv in bedrooms.
– Good layout, air conditioning and washing machine.
– Comfortable and spacious. Apartment kept very clean by staff.
– Simplicity and light decor. Wooden flooring.
– Feels modern, clean and generally comfortable.

For any enquiries as to how to organise to be accommodated in a Sapphire Collection apartment, please contact PLUS on: plus@crownresorts.com or by telephone on: + 34 952 933 674 – Tel in UK: 0871 964 3014

, ,

Staff at work

Paco, one of the maintenance supervisors on duty

Manolo, Fabian and David
Members of the linen delivery team at your service

In order to offer our members and guests an unforgettable holiday, Club staff do their upmost to meet the challenge of preparing the resorts for our members and guests enjoyment.
All departments follow established protocols to ensure the best possible holiday experience is offered!


Antonio, the general stores supervisor responsible for stock and supply

A member of the maintenance team prepares the Club grounds



Improvement works 2018/19

The Crown Resorts’ Committee has an ongoing commitment to improve the apartments and facilities which comprise the Club.

The Committee is proud and pleased therefore to be able to uphold this ongoing commitment as outlined below:

Improvement works contemplated for the low season 2018/19

Club Marbella:

The adaptation of Café Marbella to comply with newly introduced Fire, evacuation, Health and Safety regulations.

Club Marbella – Restoration and painting of the building exteriors, passageways, balustrades and common areas.

Club Marbella – The upgrade of storage areas in the basement / car park of Phase II in the interest of achieving increased efficiency and control.  Please click here to visualise plan/map.

Club Marbella – Improvement of the ramp which leads down from the reception area to the outdoor heated pool. This work is to be undertaken in order to assist with onsite accessibility. Please click here to visualise plan/map.


Winter Works 2017/18 – Update

All winter works approved for being undertaken during the off season 2017/18, have been completed in addition to other general improvements which have been made such as:

Club Marbella:
– Full renovation of both saunas at Club Marbella;
– The installation of additional water boilers to increase the existing supply of hot water to the showers in the changing rooms located in the indoor leisure area
– A full renovation of the American pool area

Club Marbella – American Pool Room – Full reform work: ceiling, flooring and walls


Fully renovated American Pool Room

Fully renovated “his and hers” saunas at Club Marbella

Exterior construction of suitable housing for four additional water boilers to service the showers located in the changing rooms of the Spa area


Club La Riviera

The entrance gate to Club La Riviera was replaced with a new one

Final touches have been given to complete the restoration and painting of the building exteriors


Clubs Calahonda and Delta Mar

Common areas were given a facelift with some painting having been undertaken, trees having been trimmed and pruned accordingly.

Club Calahonda

Club Delta Mar


Winter Works 2017/18 – Club Delta Mar

Enclosure of the Pool Bar within the Club Delta Mar Leisure Centre incorporating new flooring and the installation of air conditioning

Enclosure of the Pool Bar

Installation of air conditioning