Use of pools at Club Marbella

Opening of the indoor pool at Club Marbella

In full adherence to COVID19 Health and Safety regulations, the indoor pool has been opened for use at Club Marbella. Its use is subject to a prior reservation having been made at Reception located at Club Marbella to ensure that the new applicable maximum capacity is not exceeded at any time.

This facility being able to open is due to us stringently following government directives and following rigorous hygiene protocols.

Indoor pool at Club Marbella

Full adherence with Covd19 H&S regulations

Outdoor Pool and use of sunbeds in compliance with COVID19

Use of the sunbeds located next to the outdoor pool is also available but subject to a prior reservation having been made at Reception.

Sunbeds are sanitised between use and their numbers limited in order to ensure the recommended social distancing is respected.

The outdoor pool pictured under blue skies and sunshine

Sunbeds available for use