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Why you should visit the Costa del Sol at Easter 2020

You can tell it’s almost Easter. As you wander around the South of Spain, blossom fills the trees, the smell of incensce floats in the streets and you’ll begin to see rehearsals for the traditional Easter processions. Thinking of taking a trip this Easter? Come and discover Holy Week in the Malaga area.

When? 5th-12th April 2020 are the key dates for the famous Holy Week religious holiday in Malaga. Most southern towns and cities celebrate Easter in this way, but you’ll find the largest and most impressive in Malaga city itself. This traditional celebration attracts hundreds of visitors every year.

What? Holy Week is a religious festivity celebrated by catholic brotherhoods or cofradías who take part in religious processions around the city the week befor Easter. The pasos or floats depict scenes from the Passion of Christ and are accompanied by nazarenos, the penant figures with long tunics and pointy hoods.

One of the most famous cofradías in Malaga is the María Santísima de Lágrimas y Favores de las Reales Cofradías Fusionadas brotherhood, since the Spanish actor Antonio Banderas, is a member.

Not interested in religious processions? No problem. There are plenty of other great things to do at Easter on the Costa del Sol. When you plan an Easter break you’ll be able to make the most of the great weather and all the wonders the area holds, from sunny beaches to delicious local gastronomy and stunning natural landscapes.

If you’re planning an Easter break here you won’t be short on activities At Crown Resorts we’ll have our usual fun planned and do everything we can to help you enjoy a great holiday in Spain.

Ready to pack? Book your stay today and come and experience a unique Easter week in Malaga. See you soon!

spring - primavera

It’s Spring at Crown Resorts!

On March 20th it will officially be Spring, one our favourite times of year at Crown Resorts. Flowers Bloom, the days are warm and pleasant, and you can happily wander around in a t-shirt. Do you want to hear some of our favourite plans for Spring? Keep reading to discover our top recommendations:

  1. Cherry blossom: as in Japan you can also see this impressive sight in Malaga. The Axarquía region in Malaga boasts row upon row of cherry trees filling fields with the stunning beauty of fruit trees in full bloom. It is popularly known as the ‘Malaga Jerte Valley’.
  2. Seaside walks on the Costa del Sol: there is nothing better than heading to the seaside and breathing in the salty air. There are several sections of boardwalks that make a pleasant route for a stroll. You can also go for the first swim of the season or simply enjoy the sun and sand.
  3. Go for a hike: one of the best areas is the along the slopes of the Tejeda mountain range, in the Axarquía area. There are some great hiking routes in that area and also some beautiful small towns in more urban areas that are worth exploring, such as Salares, Sedella, Alcaucín or Canillas de Aceituno.
  4. Istán: this small village is stunning during Spring. South of the Nieves mountain range and just a few minutes’ drive from our accommodation. Enjoy the Green river Valley, its waterways and hiking routes.

There is so much to see and do along the Costa del Sol in Spring. At Crown Resorts we can provide information and also offer a variety of activities to help you make the most of the great weather in the South of Spain. Enjoy a great family holiday with us.