Sapphire Collection – What they are saying about the Sapphire Collection

Sapphire Apartment – Lounge area

For interest, a selection of comments received from occupants of apartments pertaining to the recently launched Sapphire Collection have been included below.

The Sapphire Collection presentation

What do you like most about the apartment?
– Space, flooring, fire.
– Large and modern.
– The open plan layout and tv in bedrooms.
– Good layout, air conditioning and washing machine.
– Comfortable and spacious. Apartment kept very clean by staff.
– Simplicity and light decor. Wooden flooring.
– Feels modern, clean and generally comfortable.

For any enquiries as to how to organise to be accommodated in a Sapphire Collection apartment, please contact PLUS on: plus@crownresorts.com or by telephone on: + 34 952 933 674 – Tel in UK: 0871 964 3014