AGM 2018 – Election of Committee Members

Jackie Collins and David Francis have both been re-elected to the Committee for a further term of 3 years and Chris Rowles for a 2 year term, having been co-opted in October 2017. The new candidate Mr. Thomas Babayode was duly elected for a 2 year term.

Congratulations to all!

Mr. David Francis


Mrs. Jackie Collins

Mr. Chris Rowles


Mr. Thomas Babayode

















AGM 2018 – Election of Chairman of Crown Resorts Committee

At a brief meeting which followed the 2018 Club AGM, the Crown Resorts’ Committee re-elected David Francis to the post of Chairman of the Crown Resorts’ Committee for a further 12 month term.
Congratulations are offered to David on his appointment.


Mr. David Francis
Chairman of Crown Resorts Committee


Winter Works 2018/19

Painting Project 2018/19 at Club Marbella
The restoration and the painting of all exteriors is in progress with an anticipated completion date of Easter 2019.

The Painting Team


Restoration and painting of all exteriors at Club Marbella

Painting in progress


General painting
The Club maintenance team have undertaken the repair and painting of common elements such as the exterior facade of the gift shop at Club Marbella, banisters in passageways, doors, etc.

Bannisters recently painted


Repair of cracks

The exterior of the gift shop at Club Marbella has been painted in white

General works other Clubs:

Club Calahonda

• Rewiring of CCTV cameras
• Installation of shutters to securely lock the bar and kitchen within L.A. Cocina allowing there to be a “Common Facility”.

Secured shutters installed in L.A. Cocina

Secured shutters installed in L.A. Cocina

Club Delta Mar
• Replacement of the perimeter fence of the Multi-Sports Court
• Replacement of the emergency exterior intercom connected with Club Marbella reception for use when Club Delta Mar reception is closed.

Club La Riviera
• Replacement of the emergency exterior intercom connected with Club Marbella reception for use when Club Delta Mar reception is closed.



Fun & Animation

Also available is an array of activities which have been prepared by the Animation Team to ensure that all is ready for you and your family to experience a memorable Christmas celebration.
The “Three Kings” will visit Café Marbella at Club Marbella on January 4th 2019.

The “Three Kings” (Melchor, Gaspar and Baltazar) will visit Café Marbella at Club Marbella, and will offer our younger and indeed more mature guests an afternoon full of tradition, illusion, joy and magic.
If you are at the Club on this date, don’t miss their visit as it is expected to be a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon.

María and Mónica








The “Three Kings” and their fan club at Café Marbella, Club Marbella during their last visit in January 2018







Christmas Spirit at the Club

At the Club efforts have been made to create a wonderful Christmas atmosphere, be it by putting up festive decorations, organising an array of festive activities and, of most importance, to be prepared to welcome our Members and guests with a warm and genuine smile.

Christmas decorations

A decorated Christmas tree


The nativity scene at Club Marbella

Activity and Entertainment Programmes



What do our Maintenance Staff do on rainy days ?

Rainy days might keep our staff from working in the exterior gardens, however this does not affect their productivity.
Staff are focused during such times on interior tasks and ongoing improvements that need to be made. A number of ongoing protocols are followed and initiatives undertaken at such times include :

– Revision of sunbeds and their condition including if necessary the replacement of their covers.
– The undertaking of deep revision of apartments “fondos”.
– Indoor painting work, be it touching-up or full apartment painting.


Revision of sunbeds

Replacement of cover





An ongoing drive to increase eco-awareness and energy efficiency

As part of our ongoing commitment to conserve energy and increase overall efficiency, our maintenance team has over time been replacing low voltage bulbs with LED (Light Emitting Diode) bulbs.



Further ecology and energy initiatives are detailed by clicking here.


Winter Enhancement Pack

Members who are staying at the resort between week 44 to 50 in 2018 and week 1 to week 11 in 2019 (both inclusive) will be presented with a winter enhancement pack comprising a number of vouchers offering discounts on Club facilities and services.
The below photographs show Mr. Dawson, a long-time member of the Club, receiving his winter enhancement pack from Juan Ramón, a member of our reception team.

Mr. Dawson and Juan Ramón



RCI Silver Crown Award 2018 – 2019

Once again, we are proud and delighted to announce that all Crown Resorts have been awarded the coveted Silver Crown status from RCI for 2019 as well as the Select Tier Recognition award granted by Interval International for 2019.

Below are photographs of these awards being presented to Heads of Departments by representatives of the affiliated exchange networks.
Congratulations and Well Done to all !!

RCI Silver Crown Award

From left to right: Jose Antonio Campano, Paco Galan, Ovidio Zapico Regional Director South Europe RCI Europe, Paco Jurado, Cristobal Garcia and Carlos Campano


Interval International Select Tier Recognition Award

From left to right: Cristobal Garcia, Jose Antonio Campano, Isabel Van Mol Manager Resort Sales & Services, Interval international Spain, Paco Jurado, Paco Galán and Carlos Campano


Taxis promoting Crown Resorts

Crown Resorts and Radio Taxi Mijas continue its collaboration. A number of taxis from this consortium display the Crown Resorts logo which is seen by hundreds of people each day.
This is a simple and effective advertising medium which assists the Club to ascertain increased exposure in the local area.


Crown Resorts’ logo displayed on a Mijas taxi