A look back at summer 2018

Photocall with the summer animaton team

Every year the animation team introduces new activities of appeal for the whole family. This year we introduced a morning yoga class which took place on the sun deck at Club Marbella which offered participants the opportunity to enjoy and take the energy of the rising sun.

The animation team also organised a “Beer Party” with many associated games for prizes as well as an array of Salsa, Flamenco and aquagym lessons being available.

Teenagers were entertained during the Football World Cup with a football activity called “Futbolísimo” and another one called the “One to win”.

The old favourite water games and activities such as waterpolo and waterbasket continued to be offered and enjoyed.

For the little ones, this seasons’ great novelty has been the introduction of the “Disney Day” with visits from Snow White, Peter Pan, Buzz Lightyear and friends accompanied by a Disney Karaoke, quiz and show.

In order to offer our younger guests an improved service, and importantly Mums and Dads a little more time to relax, the opening hours of the Miniclub were extended and a weekly Children’s Day activity was organised offering children a full day of activities and guaranteed fun.

Next time when onsite please don’t hold back, join in the fun with the animation team!