Epitaph to Alan Klein

Sadly, on Thursday, 20th April, Alan Klein died aged 87 following a heart-attack.

In advising us of his death, his son, Nigel, remarked that before his death Alan had maintained his positive and philosophical outlook on life which had resulted in “87 full and happy years”.

Those of you who were members at the time will recall Alan’s formation of the Concerned Owners’ Group (COG) in July 1993.  This entity was made up of a group of Members who shared his vision, which was that the future success of the Club could only be assured if its members took full control from the then resort developer.

This decision required a committee with courage, vision, tenacity and above all integrity.  Recently retired from a successful working career, when embarking on a take-over by the members he took on the full force of the hostile resort developers.

Little did he know that this task would take over his life and involve him on almost a full-time basis for a number of years.  Alan’s dedication to “see it through no matter what” finally resulted in the Club holding a Special General Meeting to approve the purchase of the resort in September 1995 – independence was finally achieved in June 1996.

Alan continued to provide guidance and help whilst serving on the Crown Resorts’ committee until November 2002, when he retired from the committee and took a well-deserved break from the day to day detail of the Club’s business.

After retiring from the committee, he remained a Club member, continuing to have a keen interest in the well-being of the Club and attending several AGMs.

To all who knew him and worked with him, he was always a true gentleman with a vision for the Club and its members which he never veered from.

Alan’s massive contribution towards achieving and maintaining the Club’s prosperity was recognised by the purchase of two benches, one of which was placed outside the reception of Club Marbella and the other outside the reception at Club Calahonda.  They are both dedicated to him in recognition of his great work over more than a decade.  Maybe at some time you will sit on one of them and take a moment to reflect on the dedication to the Club of both Alan and his dear late wife Zena.

Alan is survived by his four sons Jeremy, Nigel, Timothy and Robin and their families.


Alan Klein

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